The workpiece to be machined must be approached and touched manually with a probe. There is no need to align a workpiece. It can be clamped in any convenient position. The control with the new colour monitor will calculate automatically:

  • Zero point and angular position of rectangular workpieces
  • Centre of round workpieces
  • Centre of raw parts (center of plasma/laser-cutted parts and castings)

Programming in a few seconds:

Well designed Technology- and Tooldatabase:
The DONAUMERIC 440 suits every size of order. Up to 500 tools and a total of 10 material groups can be stored in a technology and tool data base, ready to be called up whenever needed. The DONAUMERIC 440 suggests tools and calculates feeds and speeds. In addition, “Softkeys” generate hole patterns such as line, circle and matrix segments. For controlling purposes, th operator can check all data and co-ordinates on coloured test graphics.